Our Designs are made of Fruit Juices & Vegetable Oils from Food Waste

Care Instructions

Our Produce Bags are made of non bleach 100% organic cotton will last for many years. They are easy to care for by washing them in COLD water and flat or line drying.  They are unprocessed cotton so they may appear excessively wrinkled and shrunken after the first few washes depending on your water hardness and laundry detergent.   DON'T BE ALARMED. You can stretch them back out and reduce the wrinkles by pulling on the fabric and smoothing the wrinkles on a flat surface when the bag is wet. After stretching and smoothing, lay it flat and air dry.  Permanent shrinkage will be 7-10%.

Wash with Fragrance Free Detergent.

They’re extremely versatile for both shopping and storage.  The fabric allows for good air circulation while reducing light, fine for storage of produce, vegetables, herbs and bread.  They excel at refrigerator storage of delicate produce that easily wilts, like lettuce, chard, basil and greens.  Refrigerators dehumidify the air to prevent frost buildup. As a result unprotected produce will wilt very fast.  Spray the produce with water and place them into bag while dripping wet.  The bags will dampen and provide a moist blanket around the produce, keeping them nice and crisp for days.  If the bags begin to dry out in a few days spray the produce again.

Our Designs allows for easy identification of contents. They provide excellent air circulation, great for kitchen storage for produce like potatoes and onions.  You can hang full bags on hooks by the drawstring for extra space.  Our bags work perfect for the refrigerator for so many items.

Enjoy our bags for many years to come - they are also biodegradable so when you used them over 100 times, you can just throw them in your compost or back yard and they will disintegrate.